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Pierre Dahmani
2022. 06. 25.

my automerge crdt learnings

learnings after adding crdts into my react native app using automerge to create a collaborative offline first app experience.
Pierre Dahmani
2022. 06. 08.

why monads make lives easier

Demonstration of the composing nature of monads based on the great whiteboard presentation by the awesome Dr. Brian Beckman.
Pierre Dahmani
2022. 05. 06.

Storing binary (Uint8Array) to disk with React Native and Zustand

The tragedy of using react native async-storage with automerge and zustand
Pierre Dahmani
2022. 04. 12.

Generics in typescript. What is <T>?

Short tutorial about generics in typescript.
Pierre Dahmani
2022. 03. 05.

Speedrunning encryption with GPG and PGP

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Achieving 'military grade encryption', 'bank level encryption', etc.. for your private files, made easy.
Pierre Dahmani
2022. 02. 12.

Empowering your editor with language servers

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Learn about the LSP and how to easily make use of implementations in vim.
Pierre Dahmani
2022. 02. 05.

Why you should replace curl with httpie

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Today I will share a simple tool which can increase your developer efficency.
Pierre Dahmani
2022. 01. 23.

The only git hooks tutorial you will need

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Today I will share a short, simple way to increase your developer efficency and code quality.